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Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

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One of activities in which our company has successful experience is production under the order, i.e. production under the trademark of the customer.

Let out production

Dust bags
for all types of vacuum cleaners

  • Paper
  • Synthetic disposable
  • Synthetic reusable
  • Membrane filters for professional vacuum cleaners

    Tool bags

  • For trimmers
  • For chainsaws
  • Packaging and branding of products

    The marking on the bag


  • - Red
  • - Blue
  • - Green
  • - Customized
    color by Panton
  • Ready-made packaging solutions

  • Cardboard box
  • Package with label
  • Package with euroslot
  • Package with cardboard suspension
  • Package with cardboard suspension

    Cooperation scheme for the production of private labels

    The formation of the range
    and the parameters of the product:
    properties, packaging, composition

    Development and testing of samples

    The definition of pricing model

    Development of design
    according to the customer's brand book

    Coordination of volumes and terms of production

    Production of finished products

    Delivery to the warehouse of finished products to the customer

    Implemented projects in the company's product portfolio

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